SK Robert Talarek


grey stallion, born 2015 (Dostatok – Cejhyra/Avangard)


Dostatok (RU)Status (RU)Sarkazm (SU)
Svita (SU)
Diupona (RU)Pas (SU)
Delovaia (SU)
CejhyraAvangard (SU)Vympel (SU)
Antenna (SU)

Racing record:

2020 – 2 starts

2018 – 1 start

CMOKER is the son of the Tersk-bred DOSTATOK, a phenomenal race horse. DOSTATOK raced 26 times over 6 seasons in Pyatigorsk and Służewiec, winning 17 times, including the Russian Derby, Białka Stakes, twice Ofir Stakes, thrice Figaro Stakes, Kurozwęki Stakes, Michałów Stakes, Embargo Stakes and Comet Stakes.

CMOKER’s dam is CEJHYRA daughter of the Tersk-bred AVANGARD, who is of pure Polish lineage, CEJHYRA is a sibling to several athetically talented siblings. She is a full sister to CESIHUS (2nd in the Derby and 2nd in the Wielki Szlem St.) and maternal sister to CEKUR (winner of three races, including the Kabaret St. and second in the Sambor, Bask and again in the Kabaret St.), CEDUNIA (winner of three races, including the Europejczyk St.), CELINECZKA and CESIGROM (both winners of two races). Furthermore CELINECZKA has produced CERWING (winner of 5 races, including the Kabaret St. and 2nd in the Sambor St.), CELEBRYTA (winner of one race and 2nd in the Derby) and CESRA (winner of one race). CESIHUS is also the Polish National Endurance Champion over 120 km and together with CESIGROM they have successfully completed the 160 km endurance trials.